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    Walt’s Wardrobe is curated for the adventurers, the treat snackers and for the constant dreamers. Inspired by those that never want to grow up, we aim to bring together everyone’s love for pop culture and create timeless modern pieces. Pieces that add magic to your outfit. Each item should invoke childhood memories of pure joy or give you a connection to a beloved theme park.


    Just like every super fan, obsession is sprouted from love and nostalgia. With Walt’s Wardrobe it was just that; childhood movies and love for the Happiest Place on Earth. Started back in 2016 with humble beginning on Etsy,  to a large following and fan base. The main goal was to bring magic to your everyday attire. Passion and love is weaved into every piece, that would translate into your wardrobe. Walt’s Wardrobe looks to continue its journey of providing pieces that strike joy to its customers.

    The Man Behind the Story

    Justin Barria - Founder & Brand President

    A huge Disney nerd himself and once aspiring Imagineer, Walt’s Wardrobe was created with the fanatic in mind. Justin grew up in Southern California going to Disneyland on Annual Trips, dreaming of a career to use his creative juices. With a Retail resume of 8 years from companies such as Nike, J Crew and Lacoste, fashion had always been on his mind. Then the idea for Walt’s Wardrobe grew and he works everyday on looking to expand and grow his company.